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Exclusive, luxurious and expensive! This is also why we could only stay one night, but it was the night of all nights to be there! Turned out that the Arabian royal members come to Monaco, Nice and St Tropez one night respectively every year with their yachts and drive around with their fancy cars. It was spectacular to see the show-off right outside the classical Monte Carlo Casino. After a couple of hours inside the casino and still break-even, we called it a night and went back to the hotel.


Go to Rome because of Rome, an amazing city, and while you are still there, go see the Vatican one day too. To enhance the experience, make sure that the guide is not only supposed to speak the language you booked the tour for, but that he/she actually does! That will be crucial to the entire experience, since most of the exploring in the Vatican is with a guided group. The St Peters Basilica, the last stop of the tour, speaks for itself though. You know when you look at an ancient building, and you are amazed and flabbergasted about how something so glorious could even be built by the human hand!

”The land of fire and ice” really describes Iceland perfectly. We were completely astonished by the continuous and everlasting beauty and greatness of the Icelandic landscape. We rented a car and drove counter clockwise around Iceland along Route 1 for one week. We explored the surroundings and attractions along Route 1 in our own pace and stayed over wherever we ended up by the end of every day. Complete freedom! The black beach, lots of waterfalls, hot springs, geysers, geothermal areas etc. If you are a fan of ”Game of Thrones”, there are several recording sites to visit as well! For all nature lovers – go to Iceland!

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