AUGUST 2018 | Fredrik och Elin

Exclusive, luxurious and expensive! This is also why we could only stay one night, but it was the night of all nights to be there! Turned out that the Arabian royal members come to Monaco, Nice and St Tropez one night respectively every year with their yachts and drive around with their fancy cars. It was spectacular to see the show-off right outside the classical Monte Carlo Casino. After a couple of hours inside the casino and still break-even, we called it a night and went back to the hotel.

To sum up


Great 1-2-day adventure on your trip through Europes south coast!

Try to come during the summer since it’s a beautiful country to walk around in and explore. 

Lots to see in a small area.


Expensive, sorry to tell you but it is. But you can easily do it as a day-trip with train from Nice and avoid the extra cost for accommodation.

Lots of hills to walk in to get around – but in our opinion it’s worth it!

/ Elin & Fredrik

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